Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well, let's see if I can get this to work. I must say our spring break has been lame to say the least. Keaton and Chase went ice fishing with their scout troop Tuesday and had a wonderful time even though they didn't catch a thing. We were all going to go to the Falls yesterday for our big outing of the week but it snowed. We thought, well, we'll probably drive right out of it but we drove all the way to Butte City and it got worse so we had to turn around. That was a let down but I had just enough work to keep me from going nuts. I treated myself and watched a pay for view last night, "August Rush" and REALLY liked it a lot so that saved the day. Keaton and Kelsey went to their first boy girl party since they finally turned 16. Keaton got "I Am Legend" for his birthday so they watched that they other night and watched it again yesterday and last night at the party they showed it again. They ought to have it about memorized by now. Today I got Trisha's three kids to tend till Sat. night. She went to Boise with Travis since his baseball team is playing and she'll get to see all the kids. At the last minute Kelsey decided to jump in. Keaton and Chase didn't want to go cause they want to go ice fishing again. It's miserable outside and I'm having a hard time not eating everything in the house. I have a pile of ironing to do but do you think I can make myself do it? Well, I've learned over the years that if I'm busy I'm happy so I guess I'll go do some ironing. TaTa

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter weekend

It was Keaton and Kelsey's birthday Thursday and they had a track meet(which was called off at the last minute) so I decided since Gabe and Christy were coming home this weekend that we'd celebrate it on Friday. Since the track meet was cancelled I decided to make a special breakfast since NOTHING was going to happen on the actual birthday. We had waffles with strawberries, whip cream and bacon. It was FABULOUS! I've never fixed that ever. I thought now that my kids are almost all gone it would be a great new tradition. Too bad I just bumped on to that idea. Mitzi and Scott decided to jump in with Gabe and Christy right at the last moment so when they got here we had ham, funeral potatoes, salad, green beans and cheese cake. Then about 8:00 Gabe said, "Why don't we go bowling!" We had this all planned ahead of time. We all got excited and the kids couldn't believe Seth and I would go bowling since we NEVER go bowling. I sent an invitation to five of Keaton's friends and five of Kelsey's friends and when we arrived they all jumped out from hiding and yelled SURPRISE! They were totally shocked. We had the fam on one lane, Keaton's friends on one and Kelsey's friends on another. We had the blast of blasts. I served some chocolate cake and then we came home. I've given all my kids a surprise party mostly when they're seniors but I decided to give K.&K. theirs this year because Chase would still be home, but he ended up going to a baseball game. Now I'm all done and won't have to give any more surprise parties. Tonight we went to a scout fund raiser, spagetti dinner. We all got home and when Keaton and Chase drove in the cop turned in our driveway with his lights flashing. What excitement! Everyone was taking pictures and laughing. Luckily, Chase didn't get a ticket. He was missing a tale light and hadn't turned on his blinker for two corners. Now all the fam is playing RAGE. Well that's about all the excitement of this Easter weekend. Seth and Kelsey both have to give talks tomorrow in church so it should be a great Sunday.

Well this blog stuff is wild. Maybe I can catch on.

surprise birthday party

We had a smashing surprise party for Keaton and Kelsey. This is way too hard. This may be my last deal. Goodbye.

Yikes! I don't know what I'm doing. Is anyone there????

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