Sunday, March 10, 2013

We had a sisters weekend!  All eight of my daughters and daughters in law were able to come.  The amazing husbands took on my 20 grandchildren and the gals all came all free and fancy.  They arrived Friday night and we ate and laughed and watched "The Help" till 1:30 in the morning.  Then next day everyone took turns with food and we had the most scumious food you could imagine.  Jory called a hospital and we did a service project making around 30 stuffed hearts to give to the children patients. The party gals decorated so cute and we had a surprise shower for Trisha. We gabbed, did hair, did nails, sewed up a storm, watched  some more girl flicks, and the biggest excitment was the big outing to Arco's Dollar Store.  That night some stayed up till 3:30.  Three hours of church the next day without children was a picnic for all the gals.  Then of course more food and then the departure.  This had to be the greatest idea(thanks Christy) for a bunch of women during a long winter ever!  It made EVERY single labor pain worth it a thousand times, HA!