Sunday, August 4, 2013

Click on the picture to get a normal picture.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong????

Keaton's home!!!

We got Keaton home from Mexico and I'm forever grateful!!  That seems to be such a dangerous place.  We had a big weekend with the whole family and it was priceless to have ALL of our family together which I'm sure will be harder and harder in the future.  We had a professional picture taken but these are all armature hour pictures.  What a blessing family is!
 Who needs a river when you have your own ditch, ha!
 The swimming pool Gabe brought was a life savor as it was SO hot.
 I ask the kids what their favorite part of the weekend was and they said, Gabe and Christy's dogs.  The kids went nuts over them.
The four wheelers are also a big hit on the farm. Everyone took turns with the food and we had some mighty fine eating!

 I've wanted a volley ball net forever and finally got it.  Now if I just had that tee pee I dream of.
 Around the campfire is one of my favorite times.
 Who knew such modern inventions exist.
 The Atomic Days Parade was exciting, candy, candy, candy!
 Alex and Lance had a class reunion.
Darling Brigitte with her darling dog.
 Some of the energetic gals did a late night exercise routine under the full moon.
Here we are trying to get serious for the real picture.