Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trisha came for her class reunion last Friday and Sat. Hailey was cute, she wanted to work so here is a picture of her cleaning out the messy utility closet before and after. Sat. was Shae's birthday so I took her picture also. Chase is filling out his missionary papers so here is his photo also. This is the fort on the ground now, much safer!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seth got all done haying and irrigating so we took off Tuesday for Wildhorse for an overnight campout. We found a nice grassy spot right by the river that Seth loves to fish. We rested then went for a drive up to Fall creek and took the most beautiful little hike up to the falls. It took about ten minutes. My kind of hike. Just right for a grandma. Seth and I cooked dutch oven potatoes and chicken then the guys went fishing. Kelsey and I went for a little jaunt on the four wheelers then read(whoopie) while the guys fished. Acutally it was very pleasant and enjoyable. I'm reading "Twilight" and even though it's SO STUPID that it's about a vampire it kept me entertainedvery nicely. Right about dark the three guys had walked the whole river and were home. Keaton caught the most (four) and they really had a great time. They saw a moose right by the river just as they finished. I was in the camper so I missed it. The next day we slept in till about 8:30...ubelieveable for me since I wake up at 5:00 every morning. It was heavenly. We pigged out royal. We had leftover dutch oven potatoes, bacon, eggs, French toast, cantalope and orange juice. Gabe always wants to know what I eat. HA! The best part of camping is the food, right? I tried to take tons of healthy food but the junk food was way too hard to resist. Then we went for another favorite hike up to the big falls. It's another great grandma hike. It's only about 15 minutes and mostly in the shade. Lunches are always the pits to me but Seth suggeted Jan's chicken salad. We had it both days and it was FABULOUS!!! It's just a bunch of celery, red grapes and chicken with a little salad dressing with sugar in it. YUM!!!! We then hung around a little and came home. Wouldn't you know my camera"s battery went dead so I only have a few pictures.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Alex, Keaton, Chase and Gabe went to Red Fish and hiked for a few days. One day they hiked six miles to a lake to spend the night. There was NO place to pitch a tent and the mosquitos about ate them alive. They had to turn around and hike out six miles and they said it was SOOOO horrible you can't imagine how horrible it was. They thought they were going to die. How awful!!! I've found that a two mile hike in the mountains is like a ten mile hike on flat ground. Sure glad I was home watering my flowers!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seth and the boys are killing themselves working this farm. Seth hasn't slept for three nights(well, he's up every hour changing water.) Chase is cutting hay and Keaton is irrigating. There's nothing worse than irrigating in the lightening. We just had out of the clear blue a HUGE clap of thunder. Nothing before and nothing after. It was so close I thought it had hit the house. I've been on my knees more than once today praying. I HATE lightening!!!!

We went out to the Craters for family home evening and took Stephanie. We rode bikes and hiked for a solid hour and a half. It was great fun but a real killer, I'm getting way old.
Here are some of our latest pictures.