Sunday, October 28, 2012

If you click on the picture it will be a normal size.  Why can't I figure this out????  These are Kelsey's wedding pictures.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

On Sept. 1 Kelsey married Justin Rose in the Rexburg temple.  Everythinbg turned out wonderful and it was a memory day for sure.  Mitzi took over and planned all the reception details with help from Trisha, Christy, Jory, Anna, and Katie.  We are SO grateful to have another outstanding inlaw join our family.  What a blesssing!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Redfish 2012

 We just got home from Redfish and it was SUCH a great time!  We had everyone in the family there except Keaton who we surely missed.  We also had Kelsey's fiance Justin Rose, who added to the great time.  Here are some pictures.

Here we are solving all the world's problems, ha!Add caption

The grand-kids hauled a bunch of logs and made a cool fort.

This fort actually had shelves and other cool creations.Add caption

Here's the engaged couple studying their scriptures.  Now if they are doing that still in 20 years, I'll REALLY be impressed.Add caption

Gabe's Christy and Spencer.  What a hilarious picture.

Dejah and Ruth Beal, both getting baptised on the same day in Oct.  They are the best of friends and cousins.Add caption

Chase and Hart went on a  17 mile bike ride.  Gluttons for punishment. Add caption

True love!

We had the best camp site.  Right by the play toys and the john.Add caption

Shae Phillips cracked me up when she wanted to eat a whole onion raw.  She loves them.  YIKES!Add caption

Playing on the dock was a big hit.Add caption

Once again solving the world's problems.Add caption

We hit the kid pond at the fish hatchery and all the little kids caught 12 fish all together.Add caption

I don't know who was having more fun the kids fishing or Lance  coaching.

Seth playing UNO with the grandkids.Add caption

Hart was having a very bad hair day.  You can't see the whiskers but they added to the camping image.Add caption

Benett was well prepared each cold evening in this cooky hat.

This was just one number on our skit night.  

Logan's dirt looked like he had a black eye.  Oh you can't imagine how dirty the kids all were.  Ah, the joys of camping, NOT!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

   We had the such a great weekend!  The kids usually come for Seth's birthday and several couldn't make it but for the ones who did, we had the best time.  The weather was cold and windy but we made the most of it and it didn't mess up our plans too much.  Friday we all met at the Craters of the Moon.  We had a pot luck picnic and then did our usual hike to Indian tunnel.  This hike is just right, not to long, not too short and the tunnel is the coolest ever!  It always gives me a high and I never tire of it.  I have to go to the Craters at LEAST once every summer.  I think it just might be my favorite spot on earth.  It's just different, unique and has this weird beauty.  Then we came home, sat around the fire pit all evening, till 1:00 in the morning.  My very favorite part of the weekend was all the grand-kids sneaking and running around the whole place playing no bears are out tonight.  They had some fireworks and seeing all those little cousins getting to know each other and making fabulous memories just thrilled me.

   Sat. morning we woke up to gorgeous weather.  Trish and I went for a two mile walk then we all headed up to swingin tree.  This swing makes me SOOOO nervous, but I actually went on it and swung a grandma style swing.  Chase was of course reckless and had to show off with one hand so it was a miracle that we made it home safe and sound.  Then the weather got so cold and windy!  Later we drove out to see Box canyon cause some had never seen it and it's kinda like our own little mini grand canyon out in the desert.  A fine activity on a cold windy afternoon.

   That evening the boys cooked Dutch oven chicken and potatoes and the girls made beans and salad.  We ate the most delicious fattening, heart attack meal you could imagine!  Then we watched one of my favorite movies that is totally unbelievable, but true, "Catch Me If You Can."

   People started leaving that night and the next morning and afternoon.  I had frozen a monster lasagna, French bread and cake and had so many leftovers I was giving plates away to all the neighbors.

   All in all, it was enjoyed more than I can express.   This tradition is for sure a keeper.   OOOHHHH family is the BEST!!!