Thursday, May 27, 2010

I have three new posts here. You have to click on older posts to see the graduation and lock in pictures.

My babies graduated from high school this week. Kelsey was the top student in her class in academics. She got a half scholarship to BYUI plus some other ones. She also got a medal from the army, that was a surprise, for outstanding academic and athletic achievement. She and Keaton also sang with a group and did a good job. Keaton also got a $500.00 scholarship. We have enjoyed these kids more than I can express. It will be hard to see them go to college next year but I'm trying to be positive, just think I won't ever have to clean house again! HA! HA!

Seminary graduation was Sunday and the kids both graduated from four years of that also. Kelsey was also the Pres.

I was suppose to be a chaperone at the senior lock in and I honestly didn't know how I was going to stand it. Well, we visited and hung around for awhile and then we started rockin. We acted like idiots and had the blast of blasts! Here are a few pictures.