Monday, June 21, 2010

Chase, my son, will be home from his mission in six months. I can't believe it, the time has FLOWN by. Here are a few pictures. Can you see the snake in the one picture?

Monday, June 14, 2010

We had our whole family(34) home for Seth's birthday this weekend. It's become a tradition and boy is it WILD! We had people sleeping everywhere you can imagine and it was crazy but fun also. My favorite part was the Craters of the Moon. We all met at 6:00 and had a delicious picnic. It was plenty chilly but then we went hiking and it was perfect weather. We went through Indian cave which is the coolest cave in the world. The grandkids LOVED the hike. My next favorite part was the gab fest till 2:00 in the morning, we laughed our heads off. The next day was pretty cool and windy but it didn't stop the grandkids they were outside all day riding four wheelers, jumping on the tramp, and playing in the fort. Most of the guys went fishing up Antelope. Some took to the mountains on four wheelers and I had the pleasant time of having my brother Reed and sister Beverly stop in for a few hours. Three families left that evening. I was tired Sat. night and had a big day at church the next day so I went to bed but about 11:30 I could hear everyone laughing and yelling playing the family favorite Rage (a card game) so I came down and took a picture. We went to church at 11:00 then came home and the weather was perfect and we had another lively visit till everyone left around 5:00. The kids all brought either a breakfast casserole or a lasagna. We had tons of FATTENING fantastic food! Great memories had by all! Oh, the bike in the picture, is two bikes connected,that Keaton made in his welding class. I thought Brigitte's hair picture showed what the frazzling times were like, HA!