Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here are some recent photos. Kelsey is cutting green beans while she talks to Blake. He gets his mission call tomorrow and she plans to break up with him this weekend. She doesn't want to get serious and doesn't want him or anyone else to think she is waiting for him. This ought to be interesting next week as she is totally addicted to him.

Seth finished up his water lines and now is working on his corrals. He poured cement this morning so I'll try to get a picture of that up soon.

My flower beds have like three different sets of flowers. Black Eyed Susans and phlox are featured in the fall. I've changed lot of flowers around and it will be so much prettier next year.

This is SMUT that I found in my corn. I examine it every day to cut it out. The spores are in my soil and will last for years. dang
Kelsey and Keaton have started school. When they come home Kelsey talks about everything. I try to get something out of Keaton by asking him about his day and he just says aaaaaaaaa. Last night he did mention he was the class clown. I'd like to see that side of him, interesting. Chase has one more week of home before going to BYUI. Every time I'm around him I'm teaching him about nutrition, cleaning, bad t.v. shopping, etc. etc. At noon he said, "Can I just once be here without a lecture! Ha, he's definitely ready to be out of here. Did I worry about the older kids this much????? He gets ordained an elder next Sunday. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true! Check it out strangers!!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here is the video we took of the Beal family bikers racing through the campground.

We took our annual trip to Red Fish this week and it seems like every year it just gets better. Getting ready to go and coming home almost put me away but it is always worth it. The absolutely best part for me are the BIG bike rides every morning after breakfast and every evening after dinner. Scott is going to put that on my blog when he gets time cause my camera wasn't working right. We sit around the fire every night till midnight and have the most fun talking and laughing. In the hot afternoons everyone heads to the beach and play games around the picnic table. I usually enjoy my air conditioned camper and a nice nap. Dutch oven potatoes and fruit are the best part of eating. We had tons of junk food that I couldn't resist but the REAL food is always soooo much better. I made cinnamon rolls and can you believe I had to bring them home and feed them to the dog. Next year I'll bring more fruit and just cookies, they seem to go over the best. I came home to piles of wash and my garden busting forth with green beans and raspberries that needed attention immediately. When we got home the electricity was off. I weeded till I couldn't see then I had to take a shower with my clorox bottles of water in my storage. FUN

Sunday, August 3, 2008

We had the annual gathering of the Hart's in Preston Sat. We have a great family. I love my brothers and sisters. They are one of lifes best gifts.

Friday, August 1, 2008

We got the trailer and went over to Atha's and got some of her grass. Keaton, Seth and I worked for three hours loading and unloading all the grass nice and thick all over my garden. This keeps the moisture in and prevents weeds. Then in the fall I till it in and next year my garden dirt is nice and fluffy. You can't even imagine how exciting this is to me. It was probably the best day of my summer!

The boys are cutting wood, sorting cattle and Seth is having to put in a whole new water line all over his farm corrals. He has to dig a tunnel so if you could pray that it won't cave in on him I'd appreciate it. SCARY! This project will take forever but we are so glad it's not January with the ground all frozen.