Thursday, August 4, 2011

We had another smashing year at Red Fish Lake. Twenty nine of our family of 35 made it and we sure missed the ones who weren't there. When we arrived it rained hard for an hour but Seth's tarp made fixing and eating just fine then it cleared up for a beautiful evening. The next day everyone (except the smart ones...ha) hit the FREEZING cold water for lots of fun. Jory brought crafts that the kids all loved. My favorite part is the late night talks. We think we are SO funny(I'm sure no one else would.) We had a fun skit night that made us laugh and bawl. Brynn's violin song, "Arron's Boat Song" brought me to tears. Riding the bikes morning and evening is also a blast plus the food is to die for. We had four marvelous days. Thanks fam!!!!

While we were gone there was a terrible storm. Many south of us got hailed out. Our basement got a little flooding but nothing too bad. Probably just enough to make my carpet smell the rest of it's life. Thank goodness it wasn't worse.