Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

Merry early Christmas! We got a new, used Pontiac
Grand Prix, 2008, 9,000 miles. I don't know how to arrange all this stuff so this is a mess. On Thanksgiving day Kelsey and Keaton decorated the two Christmas trees. The three grand daughters were so cute helping. Here they were singing jingle bells while they decorated. They also played games all day.

Mitzi had a sewing project she wanted Trisha to help her with and they dilligently sewed all afternoon on Thanksgiving.

Chase's birthday was Monday. We had corn chowder and T-bone steaks with coconut cream pie. Since we spent about a thousand dollars getting clothes, plus a watch and a camera for his mission, we told him Merry Christmas and happy birthday. Thanks goodness Stepahnie came through and bought him fabulous gifts, so he had a marvelous birthday. We played Pictionary and Gestures and really had a fun evening.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chase, Stephnie, her sister Tanessa, her brother Nick and her dad, who's taking the picture ,climbed Saddle mountain, in Howe, in Oct. It's 1200 feet high. they started out at 4:30 and got home about 7:00 at night. Doesn't that just sound like the worst experience ever!

Monday, November 3, 2008

What a wonderful and memorable weekend we had. We took off Friday at 10:30 and drove straight to Lance's in Nampa(dropped Kelsey off at the mall to shop with Mitzi)visited for a short while, drove to Alex's, visited for a short while, drove to Gabe's, visited for a short while then went to Hart's at 5:30. Can you bleieve it all took that long. We saw all the cute grandkids in their Halloween costumes. What a blessing to see our grandkids growing up in such strong loving homes. Thank goodness the kids all have jobs and nice homes to live in. Now a days that's one of life greatest blessings. Jory had a wonderful homemade noodle soup for us and then we went and saw Jory's parent's home. They just moved in and it is out of this world lovely! Hart got a nice Disney, pg movie called "Watcher in the Woods." We thought we were pretty safe with a Disney, but man it was pretty darn freaky!

Saturday Jory fed us a wonderful breakfast and then we headed for Mitzi's. Seth fixed her sink and then Kelsey and I had about an hour at the Mall. Rush rush rush, we never have enough time for anything. She got her T shirts for the Sadie Hawkins dance then we couldn't find anything much after that. A bunch of the family all met at Chuckorama sp? and of course I wasn't hungry after Jory's big fab breakfast but I had no trouble pigging out. It was the beginning of our fast so we ate royally. What FUN! Then we all headed for Eagle Island state park where Keaton ran in the state cross country race. The weater was perfect. Cloudy and cool but not cold at all. Butte's team did about average. We ran from spot to spot cheering Keaton on. He'd had a lot of fun with the team so he decided not to go home with us. We drove home and I prepared my Sunday School lesson and plus two magazines saved me. The best part of going anywhere of course is coming home. Chase spent the day in Pocatello with the Nickersons at the football game so Seth drove out to Howe and brought him home that night. I could never have survived all the driving Seth did. It was pretty exhausting.

Sunday morning we drove to Rigby to Trisha's baby's blessing at 9:00. Travis gave such a nice blessing and Trisha bore a beautiful testimony. We had soup in soup bowl breads. YUM! Then we took Chase to Rexburg and then drove home. He's always fun and it was great to be with him also for a short time. GREAT weekend! Isn't family just the best!!!!