Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chase is home!!!!!!!! What a weekend we've had. Oh my, one of those memory times for sure. We started out with Trisha and Keaton and what a gab fest we had driving to Boise. When we arrived at Mitzi's, Kelsey came over and it's like...mother and three daughters together, we solved all the world's problems , HA! We had to force ourselves to go to bed at midnight. Sat. we all headed to the airport and found out Chase's flight was delayed and hour. I have five married children in Boise so there were quite a few of us. The grandkids had a ball terrorizing the airport. When it was time it seemed like we waited forever and our emotions got higher and higher. FINALLY there he was, home, safe and sound! What a blessing, what a miracle. I'm so grateful beyond words. Then we all hit the Pizza Hut. Seth and Chase went shopping and he got a new $600.00 phone for free because of some promotional deal(Merry Christmas.) We crashed at Mitzi's. Sat. night Gabe hosted a party and we played games and had another big time. Sunday we drove home(we had planned to come home Sat. but changed our minds, so we didn't have any church clothes) and the roads were horrible the last half but I survived by sitting in the back seat and singing "Let It Snow" etc. when I got nervous(positive thinking not fear.) Once again, three hours of conversation we again solved all the world problems. It was actually a priceless time together with the best visit of all. Just for selfish reasons, what an amazing experience missions are. Getting my boys, all home from their missions, have been the five highlights of my life. Now, I just have one more to go.

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