Monday, October 24, 2011

I just had the most fun weekend you can imagine. I went with my two sisters to St. George, Utah to hear my other sister's new Book of Mormon hymn program that she helped write with Janice Kapp Perry. They got a standing ovation and were signing autographs afterwards. It was such a thrill!!! We gabbed and laughed all the way down and gabbed and laughed all the way home. We surely solved all the worlds problems. We stayed with Bev's son Steven and wife Bonnie and he designed, landscaped, built and decorated his home and man was it impressive. They were a blast to visit with. Two 1st cousins were also there from Canada that we got to know a little bit better. I saw eight of my bro. and sis. along the way(Carolyn is on her way home from a mission as we speak.) We saw Kolob canyon on the way home and Beverly took me up Cherryville and Onieda station by Preston to see all the gorgeous leaves Friday. What a memorable experience that I will treasure forever.

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